Honeywell Beyond Digital Series: Commercial Real Estate & Smart Cities,

June 22 -24

Honeywell is excited to launch a series of thought leadership events focused on key industries, and the way they have adapted their building environments to the present and future needs.

First in the series, Honeywell Beyond approaches Commercial Real Estate & Smart Cities which will explore how to create healthier and safer facilities ready for the occupant of the future, and the journey to envisioning sustainable cities, and ultimately, to building a better world.

Join us for this event as we highlight the technologies and innovations shaping the future and today.

Key Topics include:

Commercial Real Estate: How buildings are getting ready for the occupant of the future providing a safer, healthier, and more inviting return for the hybrid workforce.

Smart Cities: How cities are adapting to the new realities in a post-pandemic world using innovation to support the safety, health, and well-being of citizens.

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